Cherry Bush, our Executive Director, has been a steadfast Urban Community Outreach (UCO) leader since 2016. With a profound commitment to our mission, Cherry has seamlessly blended her extensive experience from the food industry and non-profit sectors, making her a driving force in our organization's success. Under Cherry's guidance, UCO has continued to expand its reach and impact. Her dedication to creating positive change and her unique blend of skills continue to drive our organization toward our mission, ensuring Urban Community Outreach remains a beacon of hope and support for those in need.


Melody Garrett, Chef, our dedicated Chef, has worked at UCO since 2015. She brings a wealth of culinary expertise and a compassionate heart to our organization. A Long Beach City College graduate, Melody's culinary journey has been marked by a diverse skill set acquired through studies in bakery, gourmet cooking, nutrition, vegetarian cuisine, and cake decoration. With a profound understanding of the power of food to connect and uplift, Melody Garrett continues to play a pivotal role in our mission to nourish and support our community. Her culinary artistry and unwavering commitment make her an integral part of Urban Community Outreach's journey toward a stronger and more compassionate society.


Celia Guerrero, Housing Coordinator, has worked for the Housing Authority for over twenty-five years. She has moved up from clerical work to being involved with Section 8 clients. She became a case manager when she was with South Gate Housing Authority and handled caseload of ~250 clients. She then became a Housing Specialist. She worked with the homeless and was able to assist with their housing needs. She enjoyed being able to assist the homeless population and get them out of the streets and get them housed. After working with the Long Beach Housing Authority for 18 years, she moved on to Pacific Clinic Housing Department in Pasadena, CA where she worked with housing for homeless and youth. Eventually, she joined UCO as our Housing Coordinator to find housing for the homeless in Long Beach.