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Welcome to Urban Community Outreach

We are a community who firmly believes in helping those in need and the less fortunate. Come join us.

The Drop In Center is a community based center for homeless people, and those in need in downtown Long Beach.

It is the Urban Community Outreach’s vision to provide safe temporary shelter, food, support services, and help toward self-sufficiency for homeless individuals and families in our community.

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Tangled Webs of Life

We had a busy and exciting Sunday on October 16! Fifteen fifth and sixth graders […]

October 23, 2016

Working Together

We had a busy and exciting Sunday! Fifteen fifth and sixth graders and their parents […]

October 16, 2016

Join The Crop Hunger Walk

Support Urban Community Outreach and local charities in Long Beach by signing up for the […]

October 9, 2016

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Our Mission

To advance the interests and promote the welfare of the economically disenfranchised and homeless people in Long Beach by offering a welcoming environment to provide respite, nutrition, opportunity, and hope.

crop-hunger-walkSupport Urban Community Outreach and local charities in Long Beach by signing up for the Crop Hunger Walk, Saturday, Saturday October 23rd.

Israel Rodriquez brought a team of 11 volunteers from Molina Healthcare to help out. They started early in the morning. Later in the day as some of them had to leave we had scheduled 10 CSULB Med-life students to come and give of their time. That worked well.

Nurse Ann Herzog spent the afternoon seeing many patients. The line seemed to be endless.

It was a full weekend as we had moved furniture on Saturday for a family so the children wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor. We rented a small truck and picked up some of the furniture from a Long Beach donor. Then went to our storage unit in Southgate and picked up more furniture and household goods for them.  They were very grateful for the things we brought!

We got the go ahead to provide a full application and back up information for an apartment for another family. I surely hope they will get the apartment!

We have an elderly woman who dearly wants a small TV. If anyone has one they want to donate she’ll be thrilled.

2016-10-9-fcc-donationsWe helped a couple families with motel vouchers and gave out some food from our pantry. Our pantry has been well stocked since your donations came in from the 60th Anniversary Celebration we shared with Temple Israel.

I’m setting up an appointment with a realtor this week to help a woman who just inherited some money to hopefully buy a condo as her apartment has been sold.

Tomorrow is our last planned outreach in Lincoln Park before they close it the end of this month. We are attending lots of meetings on the topic of homelessness and are also working on a Homeless Summit to be held in February or March.

So our minds, hearts, and bodies are busy trying to advocate for, and also address, the needs of folks who are homeless in our neighborhood.

One way you can join us in the effort is UCO has been chosen as one of the recipients of the proceeds of the Crop/Hunger Walk on October 23, at 2:30 pm. It’s a 5 kilometer (3.1 miles) chance to support Church World Service for international hunger and also local hunger fighting organizations. Find out about how it works at

Have a healthy, happy week!