Veggies, Cards, and Clothes

Sunday 8-20 was a third Sunday of the month and we had a full house. More families were in attendance and luckily Katie Philipson was there to play games and give educational books and toys to them. She is like the Pied Piper! They follow her and soak up the attention she gives.

We served Enchiladas, salads and desserts. The students aren’t back and settled into school schedule enough to come out and volunteer, so we didn’t have as many volunteers, but we got it done.

We had several new clients who came in to talk about their challenges. One young man is unable to work in the areas had he been working in because of a recent diagnosis. We are working on utilizing his artistic talents to add to his income instead. Kyle helped him build a new resume telling of his art classes and we are offering new ideas and possibly support from a new group coming to meet us next week.

We had a mom who needed oil for her car and another lady needing bus passes to get to her doctor appointments. We were happy to help.

Woman with vegetable

Some people stopped in with donations of vegetables from their garden, greeting cards to give away and clothes to give out next Sunday. We can be helpful to the people in need as long as we have support from the community. We love when you are thoughtful and stop by bringing what you can share!