Ups & Downs

Sunday, April 24, was a mixed bag of tricks. It was the day after “Bright Lights and Dark Nights” annual fundraiser. The event was just beautiful! Thank you everyone from First Congregational Church for your loving support! Thank you Staff and Volunteers too! Everything went so well and I’m hearing good feedback from everyone on that.

Sunday the organization Vedanta came and prepared delicious chicken, lentil soup, fruit salad, and vegetable salad. The food was fragrant and appealing and well received.  

We had plenty of volunteers and we sorted and handed out clothing and hygiene items. Everyone was very happy to receive that.

We had a mishap Sunday morning and our Operations Manager, Cherry Bush, broke her foot. Poor thing. I’m sure that is painful.

We had 2 clients who were robbed. I’m having a new lock made for the woman whose apartment was robbed and UCO paid her utility bill because the robbers took her money she had saved up to pay it.

The gentleman who was robbed had a different situation. He had moved into a shared room just a week before with a stranger. Things seemed to be going well. Then he left to do an errand and when he returned the roommate wouldn’t let him back in the room to get his belongings.  He lost all his clothing, his cart, his insurance and medical papers, his vitamins and medicine. We gave him a bus pass and $100 to purchase some things. I also suggested he call the police and have them try to get his belongings back.  I gave him the non-emergency phone number for the police department.

So it was a see-saw of a weekend with some very good things happening and some not so good things too. However everyone pitched in and exhibited good teamwork and made everything come out well!