The Best Is Yet To Come

Hello Friends,

Just thought I’d say, “Hello” and let you know Urban Community Outreach is active and well.

We have several “ladies in waiting” you might say. Waiting for affordable apartments, job offers, and paperwork completed. One of our ladies has given me a very beautiful solar angel nightlight to remind me that she feels I am her “angel,” I don’t know where she got it, but it certainly gives me joy to look at it and remember her and know she is an angel herself. She has done nothing wrong. She is so grateful for some help with rent and food till the job comes through.

She has had two very promising interviews for jobs that will make so much more money for her than the job she has now! She has passed blood tests and background checks should be back soon. She has been called to go in again today for the supervisor position. I think they are going to make her an offer. Yeah!

We have found an apartment for another lady with three children and have sent in her credit check paperwork and fee. I’m praying this works and she gets the apartment.

Our new big storage unit at Nova Storage is all cleaned and organized and waiting to supply some new household items and gently used furniture to her.

The deep cleaning is coming along. We want the kitchen, walk in refrigerator, and walk in freezer to sparkle!

We interviewed a promising candidate for our new Operations Director position. She will also be interviewed by Board Monday night.

We have hired a part-time Outreach Worker who will begin in August.

So wanted you to know that we are busily working on our July tasks and with the Lord’s help we are making fine progress.

As Emily Dickinson said, ”Dwell in possibility.” The best is yet to come!

Have a great July full of good possibilities!