Sunday, November 27, was like no other! Special in its own right. Thanksgiving dinner and all the fixings were served to 240 guests on this cold blustery day. Food Finders had donated turkeys and canned goods to us so we had an abundance of good food.

Paige Pelonis and her team from City HeART came and helped the children make beautiful art creations. They just blossomed under the loving and enthusiastic guidance! Their little faces glowed! They will be coming again on December 18th with clothing and Christmas gift wrap so people can choose a gift and wrap it for a gift to give to someone.

Torie Oishi brought a North High School Hunger Awareness Group of students and were really helpful. They had collected clothing and hygiene items and they helped sort and give out these welcome commodities.

Israel Rodriquez came and brought volunteers from Molina. They are always so faithful in coming to help.

UCO Board Member, Laura Ava-Tesimale came from One Global Family Foundation and brought some volunteers.

Christina Le brought her CSULB Health Science Association students and they pitched right in so we had lots of good help.

Natalie Switt, from Temple Israel, brought clothing and jackets to give out.

Laura Scully from Unitarian Universalist Church had her students make 100 bagged lunches for the guests to take home. Those are always a blessing. 20161127_142758

Besides the food and resources given away we were able to help a mother with car registration and a parking ticket, another family with money to do laundry so the kids could go to school with clean clothes, gave a mother rent money so they wouldn’t be evicted, gave a motel stay for a family and referred our first client guest, a young man, to our new SAMHSA Program for assessment of addictions and mental health challenges. Praise God! He was so tired of his way of life and desperately wanted a better way of doing things. He wanted a future!

Check out our website! We have the “Save the Date” up for the April 22, spring fundraiser, “Bright Lights and Dark Nights” for UCO. Through December 15th you can get a discount on tickets purchased!