Temple Israel and BBQ

Sunday, August 13, was the Temple Israel annual Stephanie Bussi Bar-B-Q at Urban Community Outreach. We had mounds of wonderful picnic food including of course Bar-B-Q chicken. Temple Israel volunteers helped prepare and serve the food, sort hygiene items they had brought, and hand out their hygiene kits.

To her delight, a book shelf was delivered to a client guest for storing her books.Myron and friend cutting watermelon

Amazing heartwarming things happened in the computer lab! A young couple had a CD of their first baby’s sonogram and wanted Kyle to help them put it on their phone so they could send it to family.  He was able to accomplish that.

Another person needed practice exams for a job downloaded so she could practice before applying. Our man, Kyle, did that too and brought big smiles to her face!

We had two client guests with car problems and a young man who does car repairs for less was identified to help.

A happy guest returned to tell us how well things were going for them. They are still in their apartment, children in child care we helped them find, mom is working and all is going very well! It makes it all worth it when our work has such good results!