Sweatshirts, Utilities, and Furniture

October 22, was a busy day with 256 clients registered and 8 more came in at 4pm.  We served a great beef stew with roasted potatoes, salads, vegetables and Halloween decorated desserts.

We had 3 pallets of attractive purple hooded sweaters donated by Performance Team and we handed some out to a delighted group of women.  voluteer with sweatshir

We provided help with rent for one mom, utilities and phone assistance for another. We gave bus passes for people to get to appointments. I worked quite a while with one elderly woman to see if she had submitted all the attachments she needed to so she can get section 8. She also had a mounting phone bill and she didn’t know why. I called Verizon and sorted through her costs for her.

moms and children One of the clients that Ann has been working with MHA to house has been successfully housed and she should be in her apartment next week.  We are still waiting for a check to be cut for one family. Another has her section 8 approved and we are getting close to an apartment for her.

Luckily, Board Member, Dr. Graves, has been storing some furniture for us and Board Member Julie Lie and her husband and son have been helping with delivering furniture. My husband took another mom on a tour through our storage in Southgate and let her choose new household items.

Wish us luck with getting this group into their apartments and have a good week!