Sunday September 2 2018

Good morning, UCO supporters.

Welcome back to our Executive Chef Melody Garrett and our team of volunteers!

Although it was only the first week of the semester at CSULB, several veteran volunteers from the university’s Circle K Club came to lend their expertise in the kitchen.

The UCO staff and 23 volunteers prepared and served meals to 130 guests, of which 13 were new to the drop-in center.

Guests were happy to stop by the nurses’ station manned by Nurse Anne’s assistant Anna and her mom Gigi. Anna and Gigi answered our guests questions and distributed vitamins and over the counter remedies, as well as new bed rolls. Our volunteer nurses also hosted a much-needed foot-care clinic for our guests. Many of our guests experience a variety of medical problems and do not attend to their medical needs. The monthly visits by our volunteer nurses are sometimes the only medical attention that some of our guests get. Thank you to Nurse Anne and her team of dedicated volunteers for bringing in supplies every month and dispensing thoughtful medical advice to our guests.

As usual, guests were offered fruit, packaged salads and bread to take out. The computer center was busy with guests checking their emails and conducting other business on the internet.

Clients were given referrals for housing assistance, groceries, bus fare, their mail and rent assistance. We also provided assistance to two clients who needed government ID cards.

We are continuing to do all we can to help clients move into stable housing. One of the hurdles we are trying to overcome is finding enough Section 8 apartments for people who have been approved for housing assistance.

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