Sunday September 15, 2019

Our volunteer doctor and her HOPE (Homeless Outreach Promoting Empathy) students from Cal State University, Dominguez Hills were at the drop-in center yesterday.  Dr, Sophia was much appreciated by our guests who desired medical attention and consultation.  The HOPE students also distributed toiletries and clothing to some of our guests. 

Our volunteer computer specialist noticed that there were guests yesterday who were on the computers to sign up for city college classes, as well as fill out their FAFSA (student aid) applications. 

Our regular phone representative was also at the drop-in center and processed free cell phones to some of our guests during the last two Sundays.

On Sunday September 8th, we had 168 guests and over 35 volunteers helping us; yesterday, we welcomed 128 guests with the help of over 40 volunteers.  Rini Ghosh and her volunteers from Vedanta International Cultural Center sponsored the meals yesterday – they cooked and served chicken curry, lentils, vegetables and rice.  We also had our regular team of amazing volunteers, as well as several volunteers from Cal State Long Beach and First Congregational Church Long Beach. 

During the past two weeks, we provided two clients with rent assistance and gave transportation assistance 16 times.  We picked up a bed and housewares from an Estate Sisters sale and delivered the items directly to a couple who recently moved into a shared house.  They were so grateful for having a comfortable bed to sleep on.

I often say to supporters and others that UCO is small and nimble – an example of this is how we recently changed the lock for a housed client in order to prevent his former partner from entering his apartment any time.  A locksmith would have been prohibitively expensive.  To remedy the situation, we purchased a new lock for about $30 and had it installed by one of our volunteers (who did the job in about half hour). 

Please consider visiting us at our drop-in center on Sundays between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm and/or donating to UCO through our website –

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters!

Your donations allow us to help reduce homelessness in our community and change people’s lives.

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