Sunday November 4 2018


As we begin the month of Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to begin this week’s update with a hand-written note that one of our guests gave to one of our volunteers yesterday — this humble note warmed the hearts of all who read it and reminded us why we were there.  I share this note with all of you to thank you for your contributions and support that enable us to operate the drop-in center on Sundays and work during the week to help our clients out of homelessness.

“I know that you all are not told enough, so…God Bless you, thank you so much!  I will pray that you know just how much this means to us, and the community.  You Save Lives!  Thanks, Anonymous”

Nurse Anne and her team of volunteer nurses and students began their day at the drop-in center tending to a man who had a large open wound on his head.  In short order, Nurse Anne decided that the paramedics were needed to transport him to the hospital.  Nurse Anne and her team distributed first aid, vitamins and toiletries, and one of her other nurses conducted a foot-care clinic (see photo).

We served 135 guests, of whom 12 were new to the drop-in center.  49 volunteers cooked, served and cleaned, including a young man who has been helping with our web page and social media.  He was pleased to see first-hand the work we were doing and have the opportunity to meet some of our clients.  We also had a guest from this year’s Leadership Long Beach class who wanted to get to know UCO, in order to share us with her classmates in hopes that they may help us with a project.

This past week, we distributed many bags of groceries, over 30 Long Beach Transit bus passes and met with several clients.  We funded temporary motel stays to the young family from last week and two senior couples.  As usual, staff and I will be working during the week with clients to help them through the process of gaining stable housing.  We will also continue being a resource for people we helped get housed to ensure that they remain secure.

Again, thank you for your support in allowing us to operate our drop-in community center, as well as to assist our clients in their journey out of homelessness.

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