Sunday November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving is almost upon us – we have much to be thankful for, including the over 70 volunteers who helped us yesterday.  This past week brought an abundance of much needed and appreciated resources to the 174 people who visited our drop-in center yesterday – blankets, coats, other clothing, shoes and socks.   

Thank you to Supervisor Janice Hahn; members of First Congregational Church and Good Shepherd Presbyterian/Marti’s Closet; Betsy; Paige at CityHeart; Gayle; Adrian; Patty; and Justin Rudd (for posting our needs and Gretchen and Zoe, Marisol and Mandy for your enthusiastic responses to Justin’s post).  Gretchen’s daughter Gracie and her preschool friends made homemade notes

that accompanied their donation of over 100 pairs of socks – their notes touched the hearts of our guests and volunteers.  The holiday baskets created by Marisol and Zoe’s girl scout troop were much appreciated by our housed clients.  

We also distributed to families in need turkey meal packs that Supervisor Janice Hahn sponsored. 

Long-time donors Katiana and Kevin came with new coats and other warm clothing to give to our guests, including a four-year old boy who arrived at the drop-in center without a jacket.  Our guests were also happy to be given the blankets, clothing and toiletries collected by Mandy. 

Thank you to yesterday’s meal sponsor Vedanta Society who brought their volunteers and families to help cook, serve and clean up. 

 Rini, Vedanta volunteers and our chef Melody prepared delicious herb chicken, lentils and vegetables and other festive foods. 

Thank you also for the timely monetary donations we received yesterday from First Congregational Church Long Beach and Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church.

During the past two weeks, our housing coordinator and I have been busy helping people stay in their homes, settle into their new homes, and find temporary and permanent housing.  We did a referral for respite care for a senior who is waiting to move into his unit.  We paid for a one-week motel stay for a senior and her disabled son who have been experiencing homelessness since the summer.  We also paid for one-month transitional housing for a client who had been living in his car and was recently discharged from the hospital.  We continue to provide people with limited rent assistance, overdue bill payments, and bus passes. 

You are always welcome to visit us at our drop-in center on Sundays (except Dec. 8) between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please visit our website

Thank you for your help and support and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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