Sunday November 11 2018


Thank you to Uplift Charity, its director Sadia Dadabhoy and all the volunteers who came to the drop-in center yesterday.  In addition to volunteering in the kitchen, Uplift Charity brought a bounty of new cold-weather clothes and individual bags of toiletries for all of our guests.  The new clothes and full-size toiletries were much appreciated by our guests.   Uplift Charity is a Muslim-based non-profit that helps those in need.  The drop-in center was enriched by the presence of so many new volunteers from teenagers to those much older.

Yesterday’s drop-in center served 193 guests, of whom 18 were new.  As the photos show, we had a large group of guests with a greater than usual number of children visiting the drop-in center.  They were kept busy with projects that volunteer Katie Philipson designed.  I also completed several intake forms for new clients who asked for help in stabilizing their lives. 

Besides the usual temporary housing and transportation-related needs, UCO staff have been busy helping our clients with a variety of tasks during the past week – taking them for Tb tests, purchasing medicine for a sick child, paying for phone bills and medical-related fees, and providing other services.  For a variety of reasons, our clients do not have a safety net of family and friends to call on and the bumps in their lives are harder to overcome.

We continue to actively work with clients who are ready to move into permanent housing – driving through neighborhoods jotting down for-rent signs, calling landlords, and visiting open units.

The above link is an article that appeared in November 11th’s Press Telegram – about UCO’s BBQ for our supporters that we held on September 29th. 

We are so thankful to our donors, volunteers and other supporters!

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