Sunday May 5, 2019

Yesterday, a local girl scout troop that volunteered at our drop-in center in January 2019 came back and shared their bounty from their resource drive.  The girls were so excited to set-up alongside Nurse Anne and her team and hand out sunscreens, first-aid kits, snacks and other supplies.  Our guests were also happy to have our volunteer nurses on-site.  As usual, the nurses conducted blood pressure checks and gave out hygiene and health-related supplies.

We had 108 guests (of whom 19 were new) at the center yesterday.  We had nearly 50 volunteers help cook, serve and clean up.  As we are nearing the end of the school year, we had many volunteers from Long Beach State.  We also had a student from St. Anthony’s High School return to volunteer for the third time at the center.

Our young couple that has been juggling jobs and going to school came back to the center to get more groceries.  We accessed our prevention funds provided by Long Beach Community Foundation to help with their rent for May.  Unforeseen expenses had placed them in jeopardy of eviction.  The young man recently began a job at a food manufacturing plant in Wilmington and has already received a promotion.  With school ending soon, they hope to work more hours and stabilize their financial situation.

A referral to CityHeart was provided to a senior gentleman who we had helped get housing last year at Cabrillo Villages.  Since he currently receives no income, this gentleman needs help with groceries, transportation and clothing.  CityHeart has offices on the Cabrillo site and provides resources to those on- and off-site.

Bus passes and a TAP card were provided to several clients.  Going to medical and other appointments is a challenge for many of our guests as they have limited income and are fully reliant on the public transportation system.

Another senior client who has a serious back condition and spends most nights trying to sleep on a bus bench at the Long Beach transit center was given a referral last week to Helping Hands Foundation – they help those 65 and over with resources including housing.  This client was very hopeful after his intake interview with the Helping Hands staff. 

Thank you all for your support in helping us move people out of homelessness.

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