Sunday May 27th 2018

It was a 4th Sunday and we sorted and gave away clothing. City HeART came and gave out hygiene items and our counselors were kept extremely busy with clients all lined up to see if we could assist them. Word is spreading that we are successfully getting people into permanent housing.
Through a community partner a gentleman who is a cancer patient received the keys to his apartment on Friday. We just received word that next Friday one of our single fathers with a son gets his apartment. We are trying to help them get established with some furniture and household things. We have quite a few people needing household items and we are planning to go to our storage shed and bring back dishes and small items we have there. We do have one small dresser there which will go to a young mom. Today I have an offer of some furniture from an estate liquidator. Now I just have to figure out how to get it to them. For some of those who are eligible for the new HIP program there is a furniture package available.
To the client’s delight we served a delicious meal of chicken legs, vegetables, 2 salads, and desserts.
It was a happy crowd of people eating, receiving resources, and finding a glimmer of hope in their hearts as we tried our best to get the magic connections and paperwork together that would give them homes. Thank you to FCC for your partnership, to staff, volunteers, City HeART, Dale Whitney who pays the security guards, and other contributors who all work so hard to change lives! You are all making a big difference as we place one person at a time!

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