Sunday May 27, 2019

On a gray, drizzly afternoon yesterday, we hosted 154 guests, of whom 14 were new, at our drop-in center.   All guests were encouraged to take away fruit, bread and other foods that had been delivered to us by Food Finders that morning.  We had about 40 volunteers helping us, including returning helpers from Carson High School and La Quinta High School in Westminster.  We also had middle school students from Project Change service club in Bellflower (photo).


They brought clothing that they had collected since their previous visit to the drop-in center.

Thank you to CityHeart, Jorge Pantoja and others who also brought clothing for our guests.  And, thank you to Uplift Charity and students from Poly High School for bringing toiletries and care packages.  Our guests were grateful to be given dry clothing and toiletries. 

Some of our housed clients also came by to take groceries from our pantry and refrigerator.  For the young working couple who lives nearby and some of our other clients, the rescued groceries (via Food Finders) we provide on a weekly basis help make ends meet. 

In coordination with the housing authority, homeless services, LBPD, Safe Refuge, and local property managers, we helped two of our clients who had undergone mental health and substance abuse treatments move into their apartments.  Thank you to the East Division Quality of Life officer who helped us pick up a bed from a UCO donor for one of the newly housed clients (photo). 

Using donations from the Long Beach Community Foundation, we provided a motel stay to a 61 year-old woman who has been in and out of homelessness for a few years.  She has experienced health issues and hopes to receive housing assistance from Los Angeles County.  With no family in the area, she has spent much of her time in shelters in Long Beach.

We assisted a man who we helped house and volunteers at our drop-in center by partially paying for his court-mandated class.

As usual, we provided bus passes and funds for gas to help clients get to/from work and their medical appointments. 

At our Board meeting last week, one of our housed clients shared with us how her and her son’s lives have changed since moving into their apartment after spending over a year without a place to call home.  

Thank you for your support in helping us assist people and move them out of homelessness.

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