Sunday May 20 2018

All agreed that it was a busy Sunday at UCO. I spent the day back and forth by phone and computer working on ways to assist clients. We were able to be quite effective in changing some lives.
A frail young woman with two boys had e-mailed ahead of time to inquire if we could help her. Her kidneys were failing and she was on dialysis. She was financially spent. Housing Authority gave her a section 8 voucher. I had her come in Sunday so all our counselors could put our heads together and discuss their best options. It was found that she had a supportive family in New Orleans and that her voucher could be used here or transported there. So we decided to try to transport them there.

We found we could get bus fare there for $550 to $620 and though it would bring us perilously close to our monthly maximum budget it was going to make a huge difference for that family. Terry and I wrestled with Greyhound on line and found that with the layovers this would be a 44 hour trip for them. They would need food! Our team rallied and thought up sandwiches and fruit that would not spoil on the way. They busily repaired “care packages” of food for them. We were able to get them tickets and on their way to a new life! Praise God for team work! We have a very good team!!! We’ll check in with the family and advise them for a few months to make sure they are stabilized.
Counselors tell me they were able to give 5 families bags of groceries because of a successful Post Office Canned Food Drive and Food Finders delivering so many boxes of food to us from it. They also filled out 3 forms for people to receive free identity from DMV so they could seek jobs and housing.
At end of day we agreed that we were tired, but happy about what we had been able to do to give a fresh breath of hope to many people. We celebrated a very successful week with a jubilant newly housed grandmother we had just permanently housed this week!!! It can’t get much better than that!

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