Sunday May 19, 2019

Yesterday, we had 158 guests, of whom 22 were new, at our drop-in center.   All guests were encouraged to take away food that had been delivered to us by Food Finders that morning.  We had over 25 volunteers helping us, including high school students from Palos Verdes High School (photo).  

These boys are members of the Los Hermanos service club and had previously volunteered at our drop-in center earlier in the school year.

Last week a mother with four school-aged children whom we helped move into the Catholic Charities’ family shelter months ago received the keys to their new apartment.  She is so thankful and looking forward to moving into their new home. 

Using donations from the Long Beach Community Foundation, we provided a motel stay to a mother and her two young children.  They had slept outside near Shoreline Village during the rainy night before and gotten soaked.  We hope that they will gain access to a family shelter that will allow the mother to go back to work.   

We also used LBCF funds to help a mother and her four children with their portion of May’s rent.  They live in an apartment at the Villages at Cabrillo. This mom recently started working at a nearby restaurant.  She had spent her rent money to fix her car that has been key to getting her to and from work. 

We utilized the Mayor’s Fund to purchase a Greyhound ticket to Hartford, CT for a homeless gentleman who had felt hopeless.  His niece in Hartford called him when she found out her uncle was homeless and told him he had a place to live if he could get to her.  He was relieved and overcome when we provided him with a ticket for him to re-unite with his family. 

As usual, we provided bus passes and funds for gas to help clients get to/from work and their medical appointments.  We helped pay for a background check for a woman who is homeless and had been hired to work at a board and care facility.  She is hoping that this job will allow her to get back into an apartment.   

The young couple who lives nearby continue to make regular visits to pick up groceries.  Now that Long Beach State is done, the young woman is looking for a second job and hoping to begin saving money. 

We used the donation we received from Bob’s Discount Furniture to acquire a dresser for a client who recently moved into her apartment. 

Thank you for your support in helping us provide assistance to people and move them out of homelessness.

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