Sunday March 1, 2020

The current election cycle ends tomorrow.  In partnership with First Congregational Church and L.A. County Registrar, the drop-in center was pleased to share our dining hall with a vote center yesterday.  We had local residents, church members and several of our guests vote at the vote center. 

Also yesterday, Nurse Anne and her team of volunteer nurses checked blood pressures and dispensed their supplies of over-the-counter remedies, supplements and hand-knitted hats.  They also distributed men’s briefs that were recently donated by UCO supporter Mark.  Many of our guests chatted with our volunteer nurses about their medical conditions.

We welcomed and fed 148 people before the rain started yesterday and 208 people during the prior Sunday, February 23rd.  Thank you to the nearly 70 volunteers from Long Beach State University, Los Hermanos from PV High School, First Congregational Church and all walks of life.  Thank you also to everyone who donated clothing that we gave away on the 23rd (photos).  Special thanks to Dr. Graves for bringing many pairs of nearly new shoes – they were much appreciated by their new owners. 

Our Chef Melody was thrilled yesterday to receive over a dozen new cutting boards from volunteer Tania from Laird Plastics.  She had volunteered a few weeks ago and noticed our worn-out cutting boards and took it upon herself to ask their supplier Rochling Plastics for a complimentary sheet of plastic and then arranged for the plastic to be customized into two sizes of cutting boards. 

Last week, we moved bookshelves and other furniture from a home in Leisure World to apartments of three recently housed clients.  Thank you to our friend Dave who brought his truck to help us. One of the women is in the process of interviewing for jobs and appreciated being given interview clothes by the owner’s son Richard.  Thank you also to Betsy of the Estate Sisters for donating a mattress, lamp and kitchenware to the same woman. 

We continue to help people by giving them Long Beach transit bus passes.  We also provided a Metro Tap card to a long-time client so that she could take her daughter to a doctor’s appointment.  We provided gas to a man who has been sleeping in his car in order for him to go to the multi-service center to request assistance.  We also paid a phone bill for a man who had recently lost his wallet.

We helped pay part of the deposit for a 55 year-old mentally disabled man to move into an SRO – he was so grateful to be sleeping on a bed and marveled at the quiet in his room.  He had been living on the streets in fear for his safety for over a year. 

We welcome visitors at our drop-in center on Sundays, 1:30 to 4:30 pm, or if you would like to volunteer please visit our website

We are thankful to our supporters who enable us to give hope and opportunity people in need and help stabilize their lives.  Please consider joining us at our Kentucky Derby Gala Dinner on Friday, April 24, 2020 (attachment).  Information on sponsorships and tickets are available on our website.

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