Sunday June 9, 2019

Beautiful weather at our drop-in center yesterday – we are so thankful for our group of over 20 new and regular volunteers who helped us, as it was a very busy day.  Special thanks to Jared, Neil, Alvina, Frank, Anthony, Gayle, Hannah, Kristine, Ed, Adrian, Kyle, Kimel and Britney – your presence on nearly every Sunday is key to the success of our drop-in center.

We had over 150 guests at our drop-in center yesterday, of whom 13 were new.  Thank you to Larry Forester and Justin Rudd and his Community Action Team for donating clothing and shoes.  Our guests were so appreciative of the opportunity to have newer, cleaner clothing and shoes.  We also distributed toiletries that were donated by Uplift Charity.

As usual, we made available groceries from Food Finders for take away.  We also distributed transportation assistance to help some of our guests get to/from their jobs and various appointments.  We paid for a client’s high-blood pressure medication because his insurance increased his co-pay.  

During the past week, our outreach staff made a referral to a client for a senior apartment unit.  Long Beach Community Funds were utilized to help a woman and her 14 yo son pay their June rent.  Staff also gave this woman information on a job fair that is doing on-site hiring today.  She is looking forward to working and shoring up her finances.   

We picked up a dining table and chairs from one of our long-time volunteers and delivered them to clients who we had helped move into their apartment in March.

We hosted a site-visit from the Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation yesterday and appreciate the time they took in observing and getting to know the who, what, how, why and where of UCO and our drop-in center.  Please know that you are all welcome to visit us on Sunday afternoons.

I did not take any photos yesterday; however, I would like to encourage you to visit our website and view our new slideshow that highlights what we accomplished in 2018.

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