Sunday June 3 2018

California is the 5th largest economy in the world, surpassing the wealth of Britain, France, India and Russia. Yet almost 40% of our residents are living in poverty!
Sunday, June 3, nurse Ann faithfully came and brought another nurse to help. Carlos and Isabelle from Brand New Day came bringing insurance information and phones. Tim Stieg from Boeing brought a check from Boeing ECF.
We had requests for rental assistance, transportation home, help with a phone bill, so a disabled person could do their telemarketing job. We had two move in’s and needed furniture and household items. We had a car stolen and that would keep a young woman from getting to work and doing her job. If anyone has a reliable used car to sell cheaply or donate please let me know. UCO is paying for Uber for 2 weeks till we figure out what can be done so she can get to work at strange hours as she is a security guard and works some night shifts, with car requirements.
We had a woman who has been homeless 5 years and ashamed of that fact. Every morning she showered at a gym. She lived in her car. She only sought help from churches and individuals so there was no record of her homelessness at agencies in the Continuum of Care in Long Beach. She finally got a section 8 voucher, but my hands were tied as far as getting additional help for deposit, a furniture package, the utility deposit from our partner agencies because not having been verified in the CoC system as homeless she wasn’t eligible for assistance. Finally a church helped her with the deposit.
We have an 18 year old girl whose mother has died. The girl has become fearful, and living on the street. We desperately need to help her.
Let us know of any resources you may have, or know of, for our unfortunate who so need our caring support. (562) 714-1155

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