Sunday June 23, 2019

Thank you to long-time supporters Katiana and Kevin Luttrell who came to the drop-in center yesterday and distributed 50 bags of full-size toiletries to our guests.  Thank you also to the Lion’s Heart Club, a high school service club based in Palos Verdes, for helping cook and serve.

We had 178 guests yesterday, of whom 15 were new.  Thank you to our over 25 volunteers who juggled duties to ensure smooth operations of our drop-in center.  We are grateful to former Executive Director Arlene Mercer who donated eight trays of pasta, chicken and bread for our guests. 

As usual, we made available Food Finders groceries for take away.  Our housed guests including the young couple who live nearby and are working were happy to be given eggs, milk and other groceries.  We also distributed transportation assistance to help several guests get to their jobs and various appointments. 

We provided partial rent assistance to a young single mother who is working as a caregiver for a 90-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s.  We also used our funds from the Long Beach Community Foundation to help two single mothers who were recently forced to leave their shared house.  The women currently work at a local fast-food restaurant and needed shelter to continue working.  They and four children had slept in a friend’s large car during the previous nights. 

During the past week, a supporter from Temple Israel donated a shelving unit and dining set that we passed on to two of our newly housed clients.  We also gave another recently housed client bedding and kitchenware. 

A mother who is now at Lydia House came to the drop-in center to give us an update on her kids and job search and thank us for our help.  

Our housing coordinator has been helping clients find permanent housing options.  Some of our clients have poor credit and/or evictions that pose significant obstacles in gaining approval for permanent housing.     

Thank you all for your support.

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