Sunday January 27 2019

Yesterday, our staff and about 40 volunteers made and served shepherds’ pie, a variety of side dishes and apple muffin sheet cake.  As it is the end of the month, our census at the drop-in community center spiked yesterday to 242 guests, of which 33 were new.  We were happy to have help from our amazing team of regular volunteers, as well as newcomers middle-school students from Los Hermanos service club in Palos Verdes.

In addition to working in the kitchen and dining room, our volunteers ably oversaw the distribution of an abundance of clothing, shoes and toiletries – special thanks to Paige Pelonis of CityHEART, Katiana and Kevin Luttrell and Board members Israel Rodriguez and Jorge Pantoja.

We hosted a couple of visitors who filmed and took photographs of our center’s operations as part of their efforts to foster understanding of the lives and needs of our guests.  Ellie Jones of Councilwoman Stacy Mungo’s office was on-hand to take photos to include in their Community Spotlight Feature.  Gio Ferraro of Groundwork Fitness came with her videographer to film videos that may be included in her project to promote action to help solve homelessness. 

A steady stream of clients came into my office to provide updates on their quest for permanent housing.  Some of our recently housed clients came in to discuss their new jobs and efforts to pay rent and their other expenses.  New clients came in to talk about their situations, including a 30-something woman who has been homeless for several years, has not spoken to any of her family for three years and is now pregnant.  We hope to help her move off the streets and into a shelter to stabilize her life during and after her pregnancy.

Below for your information is our 2018 Impact Report.  We are so grateful to have your support which allows us to help those who are experiencing homelessness.


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