Sunday January 20 2019

Yesterday, our staff and over 40 volunteers served teriyaki chicken, fried rice, a variety of side dishes and baked blackberry crisp to 175 guests, of whom 14 were new, at the drop-in community center.  We were happy to see our team of regular volunteers, as well as new ones – students from La Quinta High School in Westminster and a local girl scout troop.  The center was busy and full of excitement as many of our guests watched the Rams win in overtime.

Our guests were grateful for the visit made by long-time supporters and local realtors Katiana and Kevin Luttrell who brought hygiene kits. 

Our client who recently started a job was able to rent a room and move into it last Friday.  He feels cleaner now and is relieved to have a home.   More than ever, he is motivated to do well in his job, save for his rent and move forward with his life. 

We assisted two families and an individual with motel stays during last week’s rain storms.  We hope to help them move into either interim housing or permanent housing soon.   A woman who was a domestic violence victim came in to tell me of how she and her 19-year-old son have been homeless for a year.  Although he has had a turbulent life, the young man graduated from Wilson High (straight A’s in his last semester) and is now at CSU Long Beach.  Both the mother and son work and have saved up enough for a deposit and first month’s rent, but have not been able to find an apartment because they have no credit history and the mother has no verifiable income.  The mother works cleaning homes and receives pay in cash.  We will make calls to landlord/property owners on their behalf.

A young man walked into our center wearing only wet socks on his feet.  Fortunately for him, the Nike outlet store had just donated several pairs of shoes and one pair was his size.  He was so elated to have a new pair of socks and shoes on that he was seen running down the street as if he were training for a race.

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