Sunday February 2, 2020

Hello UCO Supporters.

The last Sunday in January was a sad and busy day.  Our staff and 30 volunteers were shocked by the news of Kobe Bryant’s death – some shed tears, everyone expressed shock and we all worked together to maintain the drop-in center.  We had 212 guests that day and gave away warm clothing, blankets and socks.  Thank you to Adrian and her children who collected blankets and coats, David’s friend Jean for giving us gently used coats with Valentine’s Day messages, and Katiana and Kevin for bringing new coats and clothing.  

Thank you to Justin Rudd for giving us hundreds of new socks.  We are also grateful to Melody and her neighbors on Next Door for providing diapers, wipes and formula to our two families with infants. 

Yesterday was busier than expected as our staff and 20 volunteers welcomed 146 guests.  Nurse Anne and nurse Sharon were on-hand to speak with guests about their wellness and distributed supplements, ibuprofen and other products.  They were cleaned out of the hand-made knitted/crocheted caps they had brought.

 A Farmers and Merchants Bank representative conducted a class on understanding and improving your credit report.  And, we helped pay clients’ utility bills, gave away bus passes and filled out forms for free California IDs.   

During the past two weeks, we conducted many home-visits to help clients adjust to their new homes. The Estate Sisters provided housewares and linens to replenish our storage unit.  Diane and George purchased a used small refrigerator and kitchen table for our couple with a six-month old daughter; and Gayle and Ron gave them a TV.   The couple are grateful to be able to store food and eat in their apartment.  They moved in about a month ago and had been going to the drop-in center and other feeding programs to eat because they had no refrigerator. 

We referred a 62 year-old man, 27 year-old young man, 72 year-old woman, 55 year-old man, 53 year-old woman and a young couple to the Multi-Service Center to request shelter and housing resources. 

Attached for your information is our 2019 Impact Report.  We thank you very much for your support and encourage you to visit us at our drop-in center on Sunday afternoons.  Please help us move people out of homelessness and consider donating your time or other resources – visit us at our website


Friday, April 24, 2020

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