Sunday February 10 2019

Yesterday, staff and about 40 volunteers made and served at our drop-in center fried chicken, a variety of side dishes and donated sweets to 216 guests, of which 28 were new.  We were happy to have help from our priceless volunteers to ensure that the center provided a welcoming environment to our guests on a very wet, cold day.  We also distributed bags of groceries including lots of fruit from our Food Finders’ delivery that morning.

Nurse Anne was there talking to people about their health, checking blood pressures and glucose levels, and distributing toiletries and socks, some of which  were donated by Temple Israel and Justin Rudd’s Community Action Team.  Our guests were comforted by Nurse Anne’s caring presence and therapeutic advice.

Last week, we helped a woman who had been homeless for about five years move into her studio apartment.  She was so happy to be off the streets and finally have a place to call home.  Thanks to Betsy at The Estate Sisters we were able to give this woman a bed, as well as some housewares from our storage unit.

We also helped a young woman and her daughter who have been living in their apartment since July 2018.  The mother had recently lost her job and much of her income while searching for a new job and working temporary agency positions when possible.  Thanks to a grant that was given to us by the Long Beach Community Foundation we were able to provide this young mother and her one-year-old daughter with a portion of February’s rent.  Without this help, this family would have risked being evicted.  The young woman secured a more stable job last week that we hope will enable her to become financially independent again.  Without a familial safety net and living paycheck to paycheck, this young woman found herself veering towards homelessness again when she lost her job.

We are so grateful to have your support which allows us to help those who are experiencing homelessness and those in need.  Please consider contributing at

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