Sunday December 2 2018

Our drop-in community center was closed last Sunday.

However, staff was very busy this past week helping a number of clients access services and move closer to permanent housing. One of the week’s highlights was giving furniture to a client who had been in his studio apartment for several weeks without a single piece of furniture. UCO had helped him with part of the rent for his apartment; he was so grateful to finally have a place to call home that he never asked for anything else. Roger had nowhere to sit and slept on a comforter on his wooden floor.

Thanks to Betsy Yeh of the Estate Sisters. Teresa and I picked up a bed, chair, table, small television, file cabinet, bookshelf and small appliances from Betsy’s most recent estate sale. Roger was amazed to receive his bounty. We helped him put the bed together and move everything to its place.

Sometimes a photo does say a thousand words.

Thank you for supporting UCO and helping clients like Roger find stable housing!

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