Sunday, August 30, 2020

The weather was near perfect yesterday afternoon when we gave out about 150 to-go lunches, featuring sandwiches made with butterflied Bratwurst, that were donated by Supremas.  Two college students from San Luis Obispo donated care packages in re-useable bags that we passed out to about three dozen of the guests. 

Our grocery distribution program had one of its busiest days.  We gave out groceries to more than 30 UCO individuals and families and 20 DAYS Long Beach families.  We received a bounty of “day-old” flower bouquets in our Food Finders’ delivery from Trader Joe’s yesterday.  Both adults and children were delighted when we presented them with flowers along with their groceries.  

Many noteworthy events occurred during the past week.  We received 21 new school backpacks (with school supplies), 20 whole frozen chickens and 24 one-gallon jugs of orange juice from Temple Baptist Church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The children of some of our families were thrilled to receive the new backpacks and supplies.  Thanks to DAYS Long Beach for providing learning resources to fill some of the backpacks for our middle-school and high-school students.  

Thank you to Suja for donating furniture that we passed on to three families.  Thank you to Nancy and Kevin for being part of our moving crew.  We also passed on a donated crib that one of our families had just outgrown to a young mom who is due in November.  With help from Catholic Charities, she and her three-year old just moved from the shelter to their apartment.  Thank you to Gayle for finding a loveseat at the COA thrift store.  Thank you to our partner COA for providing free delivery of the loveseat to the young mom.   

Thank you to Becca for donating several hundred containers and lids from her recently closed ice cream shop.   Cherry and our crew gave out treats of Italian ice in the containers with yesterday’s lunches.    

Thank you to Betty and Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church for giving us a large suitcase full of new twin sheet sets.  The sheets were initially collected for Good Shepherd’s mission trip to Haiti, which had to be cancelled.  The sheets are now in our storage unit with other household items that we make available to newly housed clients. 

Last Friday, one of our senior clients and her adult son moved into their unit.  They had been staying in motels and with family for the past few months while we helped them look for a place.  They are so relieved to finally have a place to call home. 

One of our clients who has experienced various states of homelessness for many years started a new job today.  Working in partnership with the City Homeless Services department and Pacific Gateway, we provided the referral and support for her to participate in a Jobs Pilot Program that is specifically designed to lift up the future of people who have been or are still homeless.  This client is also involved with LA County program to provide childcare for her 6-month old son while she is at work.  

We are grateful for your support and compassion.  For this week’s food drive, we are asking your help in collecting sliced sandwich bread, turkey sandwich meat, spam, other meats in pop-up cans, envelopes of tuna, small peanut butters, pasta, rice and bottled water.  Please bring donations to the 2nd alley door at 241 Cedar Ave. on Saturday, 10 am to 11 am.  Safe distancing will be enforced. 

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