Sunday August 19 2018

Thank you to Molina Healthcare for providing volunteers to help on Sunday, August 19th. The photo shows some of the Molina volunteers working as a team to put together our newsletter mailing.

UCO staff, with the help of Molina and other volunteers prepared and served meals to 181 guests, of which 8 were new to the drop-in center. As it was another warm day, guests made the most of their time in Patterson Hall and in the shaded areas of the courtyard. As usual, guests were offered fruit, packaged salads and bread to take out. The computer center was busy with guests checking their emails and conducting other business on the internet.

The continuing warm weather seems to be causing more challenges for our clients. Intake and updates were done for over a dozen individuals and families, including a pregnant woman, a recently-evicted woman who recently found out she had cancer, and several people with disabilities. One gentleman called in during the drop-in center hours, as he is in a wheelchair and suffers from a number of medical conditions. He experienced homelessness several years ago and asked for assistance in finding a new apartment that will accept his newly approved housing voucher.

A couple came to the drop-in center because his income has not been enough to get them into an apartment. UCO provided them with two nights at a motel to help them overcome exhaustion from living on the streets. A motel stay was also given to a single mother with three young children who had been evicted from their apartment a few weeks ago. Staff also helped this client secure an appointment for Rapid Re-housing assistance from Catholic Charities.

Many of our clients have serious medical problems and getting to their medical appointments is a challenge. Staff provided cash assistance to several clients for transportation. We also provided documentation for two clients to receive free Obama phones.

We are continuing to help clients move into stable housing. Our housing coordinator assisted one of her clients in securing an apartment this week. She is continuing to work with local landlords to find options for several of our clients who are ready to move into permanent housing.

UCO would like to thank Elena Larssen and the FCC leadership for offering opportunities to work together. We are looking forward to participating in FCC’s upcoming Outreach Day on Sunday, September 23rd, which will include a forum on homelessness, as well as the opening of David Freeman’s Photography of Homeless exhibit. Afterwards, we would like to encourage forum attendees to stop by the drop-in center in Patterson Hall and the courtyard. We are also excited about teaming up with FCC on Saturday, September 29th for a community open house that will include UCO’s Supporter Appreciation BBQ and access to David Freeman’s exhibit.

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