Sunday April 8 2018

Sunday, April 8, was a good day. We had plenty of volunteers and we prepared and served 2 delicious warm meals.
We had just enrolled a new man in our ENRICH 90 day bridge program to stabilize him and I had an emergency call for clothing for him in a specific size. I told them I would look and do my best, but we collect and distribute clothing on the 4th Sunday of the month. The rest of the month we have just a small amount of clothing available. Well a whole bag of just the right size, very nice, men’s clothing had miraculously arrived. It must have come by way of a Lord’s messenger! It was just the right waist and pant’s length! I praise God for all these miracles we experience daily showing us He is with us all the way!
Board Member, Justine Schneeweis, did a fine job of giving information and referrals for legal help to grateful clients. We shared information about two upcoming job fairs, apartments available, and what clients would need to bring to qualify to receive various types of assistance.
We bought gas for a mom and gave transportation money to another mother to go to the children’s court to fight for her children.
Volunteers made hostess gifts with a picture on them of people we have assisted into a better way of life. Our clients are important stars at our “Heart of Broadway”! We are delighted that Owen Lovejoy, Emilio Martinez, and Trevor Gordon will be singing for us and a trio of musicians will accompany them! Come be among many stars on April 21! Mayor Dr. Robert Garcia, Tony Cruz, Olympian bike racer, and Performance Team, amazing local business people who give back to the community through UCO.

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