Sunday April 29th 2018

On April 29, the 5th and last Sunday of April we had many guests at UCO. Our check in people tell us we had 218 guests and 12 of them were new.
One of our community partners, City HeART came in full force and held a “Mini Children’s Resource Fair”. They had summer in mind and provided sunscreen, flip flops, hats, sunglasses, beach towels, coloring books, and TAP card request forms. Young kids took advantage of the stuff to prepare them for summer. One of our high school students took the information to receive a TAP card as he is working hard to learn all he can learn in high school and also is taking college classes at the same time.
Carlos Deborja and his assistant came from Brand New Day with new cell phones and blessed several with phones so we could be in touch with them during the week with resources and referrals.
Dr. Graves brought us shoes and Volunteer Coordinator, Peter Janssens, also bought a pair of shoes to give to a man with a very large foot who needed shoes desperately, but no shoes were available in his size.
Several came to us fearing their utilities would be shut off, they couldn’t pay for the notary to sign paperwork to take guardianship of a homeless nephew, couldn’t pay the bus fare to get where they had to go, they couldn’t pay for the credit checks on two apartments they had found and hope so much we can help them move into, another needed to go back home to San Jose to live with loved ones and get their life stabilized. So much fear and concern. The Bible says “perfect love casts out fear.” We try to exhibit that perfect love, listening to their fears and helping overcome them with our assistance. We were able to provide for each and every one of those needs on Sunday as well as give food take home bags of food to families hungry and in need of food for their kids.
Was it a good day? You bet! We felt good in our hearts that we could “cast out fear with our love and resources.”

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