Sunday April 28, 2019

Last week, we re-connected with a single-mom whose mother died about three weeks ago.  Long Beach Community Foundation funds were used to put the single-mom and her three children in a motel in order to stabilize them prior to their meeting with Catholic Charities staff.  This meeting will hopefully result in a plan that will lead to permanent housing for this family that has never had any. Without our help, this family would have continued to spend part of their Spring Break at the Costco parking lot and other centers asking strangers for money for their motel stay. 

This past Saturday we hosted a sold-out crowd for our annual dinner/silent auction Spring Roundup at the First Congregational Church.  Local band Second Wind provided lively entertainment during the reception. After the BBQ dinner, we recognized Brenda Caloca from Supervisor Janice Hahn’s local office with our 2019 Public Leadership Award and Temple Israel with our 2019 Community Leadership Award (photo).  Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters, especially those who came to join us.

Yesterday, the drop-in center resumed its operations at First Congregational Church.  We served 154 guests, of whom 16 were new, with assistance from about 40 volunteers.  Our chef Melody and her team of volunteers made turkey stew, vegetables and salad and laid out an assortment of donated sweets with ice cream (photo).

Guests were given clothes and shoes that were donated by CityHeART, Dale Whitney and others. Kevin and Katiana Luttrell brought several dozen packs of toiletries that were much appreciated by our guests (photo).  

Cell phone representatives were on-site to give phones to guests who qualified.

Thank you to the team at Beacon for Him for providing space for our interim drop-in center for the prior five Sundays. 

As it is the end of April, more people than usual called to ask for groceries this week.  Thankfully we had cereal, fruits, vegetables, frozen meats and other foods that were donated by Food Finders, California Heights Methodist Church and others.    

Thank you for your support.

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