Sunday April 21, 2019

Thank you to volunteer Katie Philipson for bringing Easter cheer and treats to the children who attended Beacon’s Sunday school activities yesterday.  Much gratitude to our team of volunteers, including Board member Deb Moore, who helped us move our food and supplies from First Congregational Church to Beacon for Him.  

Our drop-in center hosted 127 volunteers, of whom 26 were new.  Over 40 volunteers helped prepare and serve meals, as well as talk with guests and clean up at Beacon. 

Our volunteer doctor extraordinaire, Dr. Sophia came with about 10 HOPE (Homeless Outreach Promoting Empathy) volunteers from Cal State University, Dominguez Hills and was very busy tending to patients all afternoon.  At the end of the afternoon, Dr. Sophia talked about how touched she was by our guests’ gratitude and expressions of relief when she provided remedies to painful wounds and other maladies.  Many of our guests do not access traditional medical services and are grateful to have private consultations with Dr. Sophia to discuss their medical conditions and questions.   The HOPE volunteers also distributed toiletry kits to our guests.

Our guests received clothing and take-away fruits, salads, flowers and bread that came from Trader Joe’s via our Food Finders deliveries.  Clients asked and received transportation assistance.   Clients were also referred to a temporary staffing company that had warehouse positions immediately available. 

I have been receiving more calls from people who are not homeless and experiencing financial hardships.  A young couple called several times during the last two of weeks to request groceries.  She is in the process of getting her master’s degree at Long Beach State University and working part-time, and he was working but is now in between jobs.  Neither have family members who could provide financial assistance when unexpected bills occur.  They recently moved into a studio apartment two blocks away from First Congregation Church.  

Thank you to members of California Heights Methodist Church for contributing non-perishables to our food pantry and Food Finders for delivering fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods.  

Thank you for your continued support that allow us to make positive impacts on people’s lives.

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