Sunday April 1 2018

Easter Bunny came! Community partner, Justin Rudd, shared 20 Easter baskets with Urban Community Outreach. Gayle Taggart transported them and we gifted them to our families to the delight of our children! We gave out all the baskets and luckily, I had made an extra one in case we needed it. It was scooped up too.
Chef Melody and the volunteers made a delicious ham meal. The beautiful colored eggs FCC donated were given out. Trader Joes’s flower donation was gratefully received. All this created a warm, joyful, colorful Easter at UCO!
Counselors worked with clients and gave out hope in large measures. Nurse Anne and her staff gave out healing medications and advice. One gentleman needed immediate doctor’s care for an infected wound and he was guided to go to emergency immediately.
Clients in need of expungement were advised that our Board Attorney, Justine Schneeweis, will be at UCO next Sunday to assist client guests with legal matters. Also on April 14th Long Beach Rescue Mission will hold a Free Legal Clinic.
We assisted a young mom with part of her rent because an unexpected water damage problem caused her to have to pay for new carpeting for her apartment. This put her short on rent money.
As Nurse Anne said, “There’s no better way to celebrate Easter than to be at Urban Community Outreach!”
Thank you to all who shared their Easter with us!

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