Shoes, Lunches, and a Sobriety Celebration!

Sunday, 4-30, 2017 was the 5th Sunday of the month. Even though a Cambodian group fed people near the church at 11 am we still had a full house at UCO.

Though poor Cherry is still out with her broken foot things went smoothly. All the volunteers were very helpful and some community groups came and brought resources and volunteers too. We had free phones, art work for the kids, clothing brought by City HeART, hygiene items, and sample running shoes from Dr. Graves. We even had a surprise visitor from Pastor Elena’s husband’s church bringing 200 bagged lunches! Everyone received a lot of resources and were very happy to get it.

It was Harvey Adams’ Birthday Anniversary of sobriety this Sunday. We are proud of him. We took his picture and congratulated him.

This weekend I was able to refer a young lady and her child to Long Beach Rescue Mission’s Lydia House for help. By some miracle they just had someone leaving so it worked perfectly. They are eligible for help there for 30 days and possibly longer if they get into the year-long program.

Monday another family received the key to their new apartment. Where they were staying was in foreclosure and we didn’t want the grandma, mother and baby in the street. So we are looking for furniture and a refrigerator for them.

I gave rental assistance to a man and his son on Sunday. His landscaping and gardening work has been slow. He has a promise of more work starting this week.

Another gentleman is in an apartment now. I was happy to hear that.  However he needed a can opener. I gave him the money for a can opener. Sometimes little things make a big difference in their life. Now he can open the canned goods donated to him and make himself a meal. He’s had kitchen training here with us at UCO.

A 29 year old needed a phone so he could have a way to communicate with perspective employers and social services. We were happy to be able to provide that for him.

Yes, Sunday was a good day at UCO!