Requests & Resources

June 25, 2017 at Urban Community Outreach was warm and sunny and filled with both requests and resources. We served 265 people.

First was a delicious meal of chili, salads, breads, and desserts of all kinds. The second meal was generously provided by the Weston’s buffet.

Dale Whitney has been providing fresh produce from his garden and Food Finders has brought plenty of fruit, salads and breads to hand out to the guests when they leave.

Two companies were on hand to give free phones to those who needed them.

Molina volunteers came and helped sort clothing, shoes, and hygiene items. Most of the shoes were from Dr. Graves at Sol Foot and Ankle.

Many clients asked for help to solve their challenges. Some clients were referred to us from other agencies to see if we could help them. We have so many right now desperately asking for help. More apartment buildings putting people out so they can remodel and get more rent. So many single mothers without enough income to support their family! We have two families with a mom and 3 kids living in their cars. The rest are living in the streets when we don’t pay for their motels. We can’t pay motels forever! It really adds up!

We are trying to help one mom get a scholarship for nursing school so she has a good education to support her family.

Another woman is trying to get her GED and also apply for a postal worker’s job. We are going to pay for her application fee and have helped her with her resume.

One of our mom’s has an interview tomorrow morning. She has only had part-time work lately and can’t survive on that. I pray she gets a full time job and we can give her assistance to get back into an apartment.

We have a young man with lupus trying to find another apartment arrangement for him and his son. He has lived successfully in a shared apartment for 4 years, but now the landlord wants everyone out of the apartment.

We also have a senior gentleman we gave motel vouchers to while he fights his landlord to keep his apartment.

We are doing all we can, but straining our budget and running into the crisis of not enough affordable apartments.

On a brighter note, one of our couples has found an apartment! Course they have no furnishings or household things. We are always happy to help with what we can there.

Have a blessed week. Though UCO Drop-In-Center is closed Sundays in July we’ll be working with the client guests and writing grant proposals for needed funding.