Rent, Utilities, Bus Fare…

Sunday, September 10, was interesting in the fact that we had so many who came to us that day with medical issues. Unfortunately it was not a day either Nurse Anne and her team or Doctor Sophia and the HOPE students were here to help us. We referred them to St. Mary’s Emergency Room. One person asked for a greyhound ticket to go live with his brother and sister, but we had to tell him to first get his life threatening challenge taken care of. One client was a post op veteran and we gave them a motel night and bus passes to get to the Multi-Service Center for intake and care. He and girlfriend are now in emergency shelter and receiving care till we can sort things out for them hopefully getting them into permanent housing.

Our accountant, Heather Chambers, and Board Chair, Doug Emslie, worked with me efficiently to issue and sign a check so we could save a family from eviction. Because of this a mom and her children were able to stay in their apartment and are very grateful!

I wrote a letter to an employer referring a client we have recently moved into permanent housing so that she hopefully could get a better job. To my delight she has a phone interview with him this afternoon! I’m praying she gets the job!

We paid utilities for a client trying to keep lights on for their family after a rough spell.

We received 2 pallets of women’s sweaters from Performance Team. They are amazing!Unloading boxes of sweaters

This week is Chef Melody’s birthday. We celebrated it with a beautiful cake and lots of hugs.

I’m leaving this Friday for a two week trip to Italy and Switzerland so will be unavailable to write our article for the newsletter for 2 weeks. I’ll miss sharing with you, but am looking forward to the trip!

Talk with you soon!