Rainy Days

“Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.” That darn Carpenters’ song ran through my head last Sunday when we began setting up for our Sunday Drop In Center at UCO. It was going to be another rainy Sunday afternoon. But I reminded myself that sometimes when there are struggles you make the most progress.

Nurse Anna faithfully came and set up under the overhang. She brought another nurse to help. They provided services for many people.

We gave motel vouchers to one family between residences.

We helped a senior couple go down their “to do” list to attain the goal of more income to be able to stay in their apartment as the rent goes up.

A nice young man worked off his community service 8 hour requirement for tickets and I sent a letter to the LA City Attorney on his behalf.

Diane found some available apartments and ran lists for clients. We wrote letters for 3 clients confirming that they were homeless and offering to partner with other agencies to seek solutions for them.

School is back in session and we had plenty of volunteers so we were able to have some help with assembling invitations to our UCO spring fundraiser, “Bright Lights and Dark Nights” to be held Saturday, April 22, 2017 here at FCC. It takes a lot of stamping, inserting, and labeling to get those together. We work for our money we hope to bring in! Hope you will come and join us that night as we have a beautiful evening planned! It promises to be memorable as we honor our Nurse Anna, and three Quality of Life Officers, eat a wonderful meal and have great silent auction and opportunity items to get below market rate. All this and also hear fun 1920’s music played by the “Mostly Kosher” band. Check out our website at urbancommunityoutreach.org. Deb Moore is gathering information about the evening and posting it to the website.

Have a great week!