October 23, 2016

So much was going on everywhere on Sunday, October 23, that we were short on volunteers at DIC! It was Crop/Hunger Walk Sunday for one thing. There was also a beach cleanup and some of our regulars go help with that. A lot of people are getting sick right now too. Well, we made it through and got everything done, but we had no volunteers to spare and some did double duty!

Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Philipson, even brought small pumpkins for the kids to paint for Halloween. They had so much fun with that! I’m sure the children really look forward to coming to DIC on Sunday! Katie is wonderful with them!

The other surprise was it was a rainy Sunday and getting close to the end of the month, when people are out of money, so we had quite a few guests coming to ask for help.

Faithful volunteer help makes, or breaks, a non-profit program! In 2015 we had 1,170 unduplicated volunteers who came to help. Some came regularly and others came occasionally with organization groups. All were needed. We love our volunteers! Come on over!

A bright spot in our Sunday was the fact that one of the young mothers and her family, I referred to PATH, were accepted to be helped by this community partner. They will give them funds to seek an apartment sooner than we thought. Everyone is very happy about that! However, it means a landlord accepting a third party check and not many in Long Beach are doing that because they don’t have to. So few apartments open and so many people ready to rent. Say a prayer that this works for them. The mom is working so hard and they are so counting on having a place to rest and clean up every night!

Have a good week my friends!