Tangled Webs of Life

We had a busy and exciting Sunday on October 16! Fifteen fifth and sixth graders and their parents came out from Temple Israel. They made great greeting cards and placemats! Many of our Service Learning Students from CSULB came and worked hard. The Delta Sigma Pi from CSULB also came in the afternoon. Dr. Sophia Momand and the HOPE students came.

The computer lab was busy with several people getting the resume template and help to work on resumes.With all this help we were able to sort and hand out clothing, make good meals, interview and be supportive to many clients, inform the group about Lincoln Park’s closing end of month, 2 job fairs, Crop/Hunger Walk, flu shots, etc. and then we cleaned up all the doings.

Oh the tangled webs of life!!! We worked on getting identity for some, a safe place for families with children to stay, a place to receive important mail, feeding the bogus system in Long Beach for making all our people seeking apartments pay for them to do a credit check each time though they have no intention of renting the apartment to our client. This is a new way of adding to their wealth. They won’t accept printed out credit check information. They say they have to run their own.

Surprisingly we also are working with a mortgage broker to find a condo or mobile home for a client to buy. One of our guests has inherited some money and we are bound and determined that this senior woman will have a permanent place to stay where a landlord isn’t making her move out to renovate and putting her in the streets again.

Lord help us! We don’t know what is coming next, but are just accepting where the Lord leads us to be of service.