October 2, 2016

Sunday October 2, 2016 was a really bustling Sunday! We had so many things we wanted to accomplish and so little time to get it all done. Thank God we had lots of volunteers and somehow we managed to get a tremendous amount of amazing things done!

Twenty three CSULB students from Alpha Omicron Pi came. CSULB intern, Stacey Barry was here, doing her usual magic, and several more students from CSULB have chosen UCO as their Service Learning Site this semester and some of them were here as well! About 6 Volunteer Coordinators were here plus we had a good representation from people from all walks of life in the outside community giving their time.

First we had to take everything out of the downstairs electrical closet, find a place for it, or give it away and close the door on that closet for the last time.

We had lots of donations this week so we sorted, set-up a store, and gave away a mountain of clothing, hygiene items and toys.

There was a woman and her children we had helped into an apartment. We had an offer of some furniture and household items that had to be picked up that day and delivered to her. No trucks in sight, so we transferred over quite a bit with 2 SUV’s and a convertible! Can’t you picture us? Almost like ants carrying huge crumbs of food! We often need a truck so if you know of anyone with a truck or big SUV that can help transport things let me know. We could probably get volunteers to help lift.

Ann Lampe was here to help me interview people. I began early with texts and phone calls from 7:30am on. One family was giving up on their California dream and asked for help with gas to move back to Mississippi. One of our regulars who was in an apartment and doing well had had some additional expenses this month and needed just $55 more to help with rent. One large family needed help with a motel. We are trying to help so many more with ongoing case management and all that entails.

Tonight is the Study Session on Homelessness at the City Council Meeting. You bet I’ll be there working on the Long Beach Homeless challenge from every angle! Hope some results can be seen on a greater scale very soon! It’s so heartbreaking to have this many families in the street!

Thank you for all the ways you are helping!