The Law of Progress

Sunday, Labor Day weekend, just under 200 people come for help because many had received checks that week.

We served hamburgers with a special sauce and all the fixings in keeping with a festive Labor Day weekend. We gave out clothes and shoes for the kids for school and their parents too. Nurse Ann saw a lot of people.

I got to thinking about the “law of progress.” It always feels good to be making progress on what you are trying to accomplish. So I did a little assessing of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the last 6 weeks. A few things came to mind.

Because of our work 3 families have received school uniforms for the kids. We’ve been able to reunite 3 families and get them housed. Another abused woman moved out of Long Beach and hopefully in a more safe distance from the abuser and I communicate with her daily helping her along.

We’ve bought books for a homeless college student, encouraged him to keep up the good work, and put him in touch with someone about housing.

We gave nice clothes to a young lady for an interview and boosted up her self-esteem and she got the job!

We gave transportation money to a man who needed to see a specialist about a huge hernia and hopefully he has had successful surgery. I haven’t heard yet.

We gave motel vouchers for a hard working mom with a disabled husband. The family has been sleeping in their car every other week because they don’t have enough money for an apartment till dad’s disability comes through.

These things do count. Though we have 3 families still waiting for apartments we have been able to “make progress” in some other lives.

May you have “progress” on the things you are trying to accomplish this week!