Making Enchiladas

The second Sunday in August was a hot one so our guests were glad it was cooler downstairs in Ramsey Hall, though we had challenges with getting food prepared and down there it turned out well.

We had so many compliments on the delicious Turkey and Beef Enchiladas, green salad, fruit salad, breads and desserts. We are blessed with fantastic chefs, food donors, and volunteer staff!

More new people came to help! Our intern, Stacey Berry, started working with us. A young mother, Mindy Isaac, began work on helping to do the data entry for the Temporary Shelter details report. Course our two new staff members, Cherry Bush and Ann Lampe were going full steam as well as our great volunteer coordinators.

Alison Morales, Jenny Penner, and John Forrest-Douglas brought the FCC Sunday School children to help. They also brought some hygiene items. Together, with what they brought and what we had stored, we were able to make 70 hygiene kits complete with the Sunday School children’s handmade greeting cards inside! Thank you everyone who participated! They were so happy to receive this gift!

Yesterday we took new kitchen housewares and linens to the young mother and her 6 year old son for their new home. She was so very grateful! She will get her first pay from the new job this week, however she needs some way to get another car as she was in a car accident.

I have another single mom with three children whom we are hoping to get into an apartment. We have the income necessary, First Five support, and everything we need, but just need an apartment owner willing to accept First Five before the funds run out in a couple days till October when new funds come in.

We have a mom with a tiny baby. We are also trying to get an apartment for them. She works and her mom watches the baby. They live in a very overcrowded motel room with other family members.

Here we are trusting in the Lord, and daring to be optimists, but we need your prayers. Please join me in prayer for the three young women needing assistance.

Life is now! Go out and enjoy each day!