Last Sunday At UCO

Sunday, June 26, was the last Sunday of the month and also the last Sunday The Drop In Center will be held in Patterson Hall till beginning of August, when DAYS Summer Camp is over.

We had 300 people who came for help that day. Vedanta made the delicious chicken, Lentil Soup, and salads and the donated desserts were plentiful.

We had 57 volunteers. Dr. Sophia and the HOPE Students also came and provided medical services. We gave out breakfast bars.

It was a full, but good day! We bid farewell to Program Manager/Chef, Roberta Enriquez, with gifts and cards. She promises to come back and volunteer as time allows. I’m still interviewing people for this meaningful 20 hour a week position.

One of our young mom’s we housed came with her six year old and attended church and then visited us after service. They look so good! We helped with updating her resume and she had an interview for a better position today. It went well. I hope she gets it!

We helped another family with a few nights at a motel till they can get SDI for her husband who was recently injured. She has a good job now and we are working on child care for them too so their 5 year old can learn and get ready for kindergarten in the fall.

Another single mom should hear today if she gets the job at a new restaurant and bar about to open.

We gave a grandma with 2 grandchildren some motel vouchers till they can get stabilized. Her daughter got caught with drugs and is in jail. She is hoping for the daughter to get put into a program where she can revitalize and take care of the kids in that program too.

One mentally disabled young guy wanted to visit his friend and we gave him a day bus pass so he could do that and enjoy the friendship.

I gave another gentleman the phone numbers and addresses for the Long Beach SRO’s (single room occupancy). He is hoping to get indoors and this is all he can afford. He doesn’t care if the bathroom is down the hall. Sent another guy to sign up at the library for Section 8.

I’m working to get all the necessary attachments of proof of identity and income, etc. so a woman with a 2 month old baby can get into the First Five Program and get an apartment.

As you can see it was a very busy Sunday for me. I’ll be so glad when we get our part-time Outreach Worker/Case Manager on board and working with me in starting in August!!!

I’ll continue to case manage the clients we already have files for during July and we’ll do some spring cleaning of the Kitchen and walk in freezer. July will pass quickly!

Be well and have fun till I talk with you again!