Father’s Day At UCO

Sunday, June 19, 2016 was Father’s Day and we celebrated it with beautiful placemats made by the FCC Sunday School kids and their mom’s. About 25 of them came and worked diligently coloring and gluing and pasting and a pile of wonderful placemats were the result. We decorated each table with those. FCC also had given fresh roses to the fathers attending the service and also gave us two baskets of the beautiful roses to give out.

It was a hot one! Temperatures climbed to 100, but we were fairly comfortable with the air conditioning and fans blowing too.

The computer lab was successfully open in its new location right in the back of Patterson Hall inside some room dividers. However we discovered a challenge. When the air conditioning is on it drips condensation right in the closet area where the computers are supposed to be stored when not in use.

When we stored them in the closet after the afternoon program we had to put them away in a different arrangement so as not to be under the dripping pipes. I don’t know what the permanent solution will be as they are trying to utilize the closets to the fullest and not have to have things out of place.

Many families came to us for help this week. We purchased greyhound tickets for another couple to go home where they had family support and job opportunities. I gave one single mom money to start up her gas utility. Another mom needed gas to go to work, money for medicine for her son and rental assistance. Another mother was short on money as she had traveled to the graduation of her only son, whom she hopes to be reunited with.

A gentleman needed help with storage fees and another with gas to bet to Bakersfield.

One of our new mothers has found work and now can apply for deposit and rental assistance. I will help her with that referral and application. The big hurtle will be to find an affordable apartment. I still have a mom with 3 kids awarded assistance from First Five, but weeks later still searching for a two bedroom apartment she can afford.

It was a very busy week! Next Sunday, will be Roberta Enriquez’s last Sunday with us. Come on out and wish her well in her new job! It’s also our last week in Patterson Hall till August because of the summer camp program using the space. However, we will still continue to case manage and work on challenges with our client guests and do some deep cleaning of kitchen equipment during that time.

Have a great week and enjoy some summertime activities! It’s the “good old summertime” and a super time to engage extended family & friends in a walk to the ice cream store for a cone, picnics, the beach, volley ball, lemonade and watermelon!

Love to you all,