A Very Special Sunday

May 22, 2016

Sunday, May 22, was a special Sunday. It was different because the community, including some large manufacturers, all came together to make a difference.

Vans and New Balance provided 280 pairs of shoes; Element and Stance provided 600 pairs of socks, and Board member, Dr. Richard Graves, donated gently used shoes as did others in the community. Hygiene items FCC donated were also given out to their delight. Course when the newspapers carried the story to give credit to the manufacturers for their generosity more people heard about it and came over. Next time with something like that we’ll ask the newspapers to please thank the manufacturers after the product distribution.

However, we had 2 outreach workers from the Long Beach Health and Human Services come to help us reach out to the guests with helpful information. We had 106 new people come and sign in that day.

We continue to work for a better urban community. How unseeing the world goes on! Mostly people don’t understand the heartaches and troubles, battles won, or our goals to accomplish healthy, happy, stable citizens in the inner city. Some think it is enough to just feed the poor and send them away to languish in the streets and come again the next Sunday unchanged.

Those who are not just an idle hearer, know that every troubled soul I tell you of needs us to try to help. When we do, our circle of help widens and the community pitches in the ways they can. We all become one in God’s family and build stronger, healthier lives!

Reminds me of the Lord feeding the masses with the loaves and fishes. It was not just the Lord blessing the food that it fed the crowd. The disciples passing the bounty on helped work the miracle.

Speaking of “help.” Our Program Manager/Chef, Roberta, has been offered her dream job as Director of Food and Beverage for the LAX Sheraton. This means she will have to leave us with a heavy heart because she cares so much about the program and people we serve. I am looking for an organized, personable manager with some food experience to fill our part-time position on weekends. Call my cell at (562) 714-1155 to apply or refer.