Partnering For Health

May 15, 2016

It was another busy weekend for Urban Community Outreach. On Saturday we partnered with Molina Healthcare in a Long Beach Health Care Symposium from 9am to 2pm at Long Beach City College.

Sunday, May 15, was a good Sunday. A team of volunteers from Molina Healthcare came to volunteer and were very helpful. Dr. Sophia Momand and the Hope Students came to provide their services.

Hot nourishing meals were served to the guests and announcements were made that we would be holding a new shoe and sock give away next Sunday, May 22. Shoe and sock manufacturers want to donate these.

The guests were happy about that! Since then reporters have picked up on that and looks like we’ll also have some gently used shoes and clothing plus hygiene items from FCC so we have something for everyone.

We also announced that Molina is providing a Free Healthcare Clinic Saturday, May 21 from 7am – 3pm at Cabrillo High School. So if anyone needs some healthcare services check it out.

The young lady we gave money to for gas and a work related costs got the job! Yeah! She came in wearing her badge and beaming from ear to ear! She brought her son to meet me too. Very cute little guy. They hold the pay for 2 weeks so we gave her money to help with motel vouchers so she could shower and rest at night after toiling hard all day. She signed the receipt and I also gave her a list of lower cost motels. (It’s so great to be able to make copies in our office now!)

I gave a disabled gentleman guidance about signing up for Section 8 since it is now open and they are giving preference to disabled people and seniors. I hope that helps him.

Some of our guests will be receiving a certificate of having 15 units of college credit earned in the Antioch University Bridge program here at FCC. It will be a beautiful ceremony at UCLA. What a wonderful partnership!

Thank you for your FCC partnership! Together we are making a lot of good things possible for our guests!