Mother’s Day

May 8, 2016

“Either you are a mother, have a mother, or wish you had someone like a mother.”

Mother’s Day dawned on May 8th all Spring like and full of memories. Mostly good memories for us, but more sad memories than good ones for a lot of our guests.

We worked to make the day joyful and bring out the good. Vedanta began cooking delicious and fragrant Indian food early in the morning. They even had young Girl Scouts join them. The week before preparation of Mother’s Day placemats had begun. You would be surprised to see what lovely placemats can be made with just some crayons and marker pens! We had a winking girl, families, rainbows and sunshine, flowers, smiling fish, and many good and happy wishes!

We brought out lots of spring color silk flowers and bright pink cloth napkins for the center of each table. Pink sparkling decorations, crepe paper, and white toile left from a wedding gave a very feminine Mother’s Day look to Patterson Hall.

Special gold silk bags were filled with pretty cookies and candies and FCC’s left over roses were given to the women. Heck, either you are a mother, have a mother, or wish you had someone like a mother!

Great hygiene items FCC had collected for us were brought in by Alison Morales and put with some other donated hygiene items and together we came up with enough to hand out hygiene items to everyone.

Nurse Ann was back from her cruise and gave our guests her attention, shots, wound care, vitamins, and a caring ear. Even the office was shaped up with the newer printer donated to us. It was brought in and set up and we made copies when we needed them! Yeah!

I talked with people and we worked on challenges that had stumped and vexed them. I gave one young mother gas and helped a gentleman with “a dream come true!” He had been saving for months to get his computer and guitar out of the pawn shop. Just needed $35 yet to make this a reality so he could get his resume out of the computer and could play his guitar with a small band he had found and perhaps make a little more money. He cried tears of joy and we made a thankful prayer to God. It didn’t matter that it was a prayer from a catholic and a protestant. It was heartfelt!

May your week be full of joy and thankful unified prayers.

In His Service,