The Smallest Things Make The Biggest Difference

May 1, 2016

Sunday, May 1, was the first Sunday of the month. Most people had received their monthly checks so attendance is less when they have money. It was a beautiful day weather wise, not too hot or cold and raining so our guests were in a good mood.

Nurse Ann was on her first cruise and not at DIC. I’m happy for her to be able to take this cruise. She gives so much of herself to help others all the time.

I nominated one of our great young volunteers for an award at the Los Alamitos Youth Center and Saturday night we went to present him with an award and $200. He had commendations from President Obama and Congress and all down the line to some local politicians. It was a very positive event and a joy to present our Dominic Cashiola and also hear of other young volunteers doing great volunteer work in the community.

I interviewed some of our guests Sunday and was able to help one with a bus pass, one to be able to use our address for his mail because at the group living condition he is at people are stealing his mail.

Then I spent a long time with one couple. The woman was in tears almost the whole interview. This year she has had a heart attack and a stroke recently and can’t work anymore. They knew they needed help, but the gentleman with her gave me “reasons”, (excuses) why they couldn’t do things I suggested to start building a better life. They had been living at a company where he is paid under the table from time to time to do some work. They let them sleep there.

Though it was not ideal, just their blankets on the floor, they at least had a safe place to sleep with a roof over their heads. Now the company has said they had to leave, and stark reality hit them. They wanted me to house them right away!

I gave them one night in a motel to shower and shave and get some sleep and begin their fresh start in life. I told them it was my vote of confidence that they could do some things to make their life better. I told them we only can give motel vouchers to people who are working to change their situation. I gave them some focus and referrals and hope they can move forward.

We announced that Section 8 was opening up on Tuesday, May 2 and where to go to sign up for that. It hasn’t been open for about 8 to 10 years. This gave hope to many people. They won’t have housing overnight, but at least it is an opportunity and a possibility.

So though we had a calm first Sunday, we still made a difference in the world.

Thank you for your kind support so we can do that!