Doing What We Do Best

April 24, 2016

It was a time travel weekend for UCO. We went back in time to 1920’s era on Saturday night with our benefit fundraiser, Jazzy Lady.

It was an enchanted evening in a beautiful room (Ramsey Hall all dressed up) with plenty of excellent food, music, and prizes. We honored two deserving ladies and told our story.  When everyone went home we cleaned up till 1:30 in the morning.

On Sunday, we had a little jet lag traveling back to the now and finding that almost 400 people had come to us for help! It was the 4th Sunday and many families had run out of money for the month. There were at least 12 children to work with. Luckily, our Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Philipson was here to do that. We were so busy we didn’t even have time to be tired. We just moved forward with feeding, giving resources and a listening ear.

One man who comes to us each week is the son of an Olympic gold medal winner, but he, himself is very vulnerable. Just recently out of a wheel chair, but still weak and with mental deficiencies, he has been targeted and beaten and robbed in the street twice now. This time he had a concussion and was sick. We called paramedics to take him for medical treatment. Some bully has discovered he has money and he is easy to handle I guess. I’m trying hard to get him into housing and the safety it provides.

We actually set a record Sunday needing to call the paramedics 3 times in one day. So glad Volunteer Coordinator Samantha Mouradian was here to work with the paramedics. We had two others who were in withdrawal from some substance or combination of prescription drugs and needed medical attention. One we know has a history of mental health issues and we aren’t sure about the other.

We were able to help one woman who had recently been hired by the Villages of Cabrillo but asked to get her food safety handling certificate on line before reporting to work. She needed money to get it and to have gas to get to work till payday. I hope this helps her and her husband into a more stable life.

This week we had two single mom’s needing help. One needed rental assistance and the other needed referrals to partner programs who could possibly help them keep their apartments. We are happy to make it possible for them to stay in their homes! The streets are too rough out there when you are so vulnerable!

Thank you to all of you who came back to the 1920’s with us Saturday night! The fundraisers and contributions are what enable us to continue this work.
Have a good rest of your week!